Tariffs Hurt the Heartland Responds to President Trump’s Comments That Tariffs Will Stay in Place

(WASHINGTON) –Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, the nationwide campaign against tariffs supported by American manufacturers, retailers, technology and agriculture organizations, released the following statement today after the President’s comments that tariffs will stay in place for a substantial period of time. 

“The President’s statement that tariffs will stay in place for a ‘substantial period of time’ is deeply concerning to the American farmers, businesses and consumers that are actually paying for this trade war. These tariffs are taxes paid for by U.S. consumers and businesses, and every second they remain in place, they drain money from the pockets of hardworking Americans. In fact, the President’s own economic advisors reported just yesterday that Americans paid $14.4 billion in added tariffs in 2018, and that the tariffs were slowing economic growth. In Ohio alone, where the President is visiting today, state taxpayers have already forked over $500 million in tariffs to the federal government. Continuing these tariffs indefinitely is a serious mistake that will create more layoffs, price hikes and uncertainty in every corner of the country. We urge the administration to reach a deal with China that includes full and immediate removal of tariffs on both sides and provides clarity for American businesses, farmers and consumers.”


Matt McAlvanah 
Melanie Lehnhardt (Melanie@TariffsHurt.com