Tariffs Hurt the Heartland Releases New Digital Ad Campaign to Show the Impact of Tariffs on Consumers

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Tariffs Hurt the Heartland – the nationwide, nonpartisan, grassroots campaign against tariffs – today released a new digital ad campaign that shows how tariffs impact American consumers. The campaign includes a new web video entitled “Tariffs are Taxes,” which lists many of the everyday items that are being hit by tariffs, including groceries, baby products, pet food, furniture, electronics, home appliances and more. The ad also points out that senior administration officials, including Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, have promised that “nobody is actually going to notice” the tariffs on the products that Americans buy every day.

Watch the video HERE.

The ad is part of a larger digital campaign that will employ Google AdWords advertisements, which will appear when shoppers google popular everyday items that are being impacted by tariffs. The ads will direct to http://tariffshurt.com/tariffs-are-taxes/ which includes more info about how tariffs are impacting consumers and an app that will allow shoppers to voice their opposition to tariffs. The digital ads and video will begin running today in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

“This effort is about reminding people that it’s American consumers and businesses who pay these tariffs,” said Tariffs Hurt the Heartland spokesman Jonathan Gold. “What we’ve seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Once the additional $200 billion in tariffs is fully felt, these taxes are going to reach into the pocketbooks of American families. These tariffs impact every day purchases like groceries, pet food, electronics, furniture, and baby products. 

“Instead of doubling-down on tariffs that have not worked, it is time for meaningful negotiations to take place. In the months ahead, we urge the administration to use forums like the G-20 to engage trading partners in discussions on how we can hold trading partners accountable without hurting American families.”

The google Adwords campaign will include an array of every day consumer products that American purchase including the following products:

Kitchen Goods Tools/Auto Parts Family Goods
Dishwashers Air compressors Baby products
Freezers Air conditioners Calculators
Grills Artist Paints Crafts
Napkins Building materials Dog Leashes and Collars
Ovens/Stoves Car parts Dog Toys
Garbage Disposal Car Tires Handbags
Plates and Cups Carpet Makeup
Refrigerator Chain Saw Blades Furniture
Electric Lamps Futon
Hedge Shears Mirrors
Motorcycles Monitors
Saw Blades Paper
Tools Pet Food
Tractor Parts Patio Furniture
Transmission Belts Printing Cartridges
Twine/Rope Shampoo
Toilet Paper
Tissue Paper
Vacuum Cleaners
Wrapping Paper
Christmas lights


Sporting Goods Food Tech Products
Baseball gloves Fruit Juice Laptop and desktop computers
Bicycle parts Garlic Electronic calculators
Bike Inner Tubes Groceries Home appliances like dishwashers
Bike Tires Seafood Modems
Golf bags Sushi Routers
Ski Gloves Shrimp
Bikes Beer

Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is the largest bipartisan campaign solely focused on amplifying the diverse and powerful voices of the families, farmers, factory workers, manufacturers, retailers, energy and technology companies, importers, exporters and other supply-chain stakeholders hurt by tariffs. Visit TariffsHurt.com to learn more.