President Trump Attends Rally in Missoula, Montana while Trade War Impact Continues

QUOTE FROM TARIFFS HURT THE HEARTLAND SPOKESMAN BRIAN KUEHL: “Montana farmers, manufacturers, workers, and families are all being hurt by tariffs that raise prices for everyday goods and make it harder for businesses to keep their doors open. Tariffs will only continue to cause pain in Montana and across the country as tariffs drive up costs and reduce exports. The trade war needs to end before it results in even more economic harm.”

TRADE CONFLICT ‘COULD HAVE DEVASTING EFFECTS ON AGRICULTURE IN MONTANA.’ “‘On the short term I’m really concerned,’ said Stoner who expressed concern for market development programs like the Foreign Market Development and Foreign Market Access programs that support overseas offices promoting American goods. According to Stoner, the U.S. exports over 80 percent of wheat grown in the country, and if you couple cuts to foreign market development with the growing trade conflict, he feels it could have devastating effects on agriculture producers in Montana. (A.J. Etherington, “Montana Senators Talk Farm Bill, Set to Expire Sept. 30,” The Courier, 9/26/18)

TRADE AID PACKAGE ‘IS NOT ENOUGH.’ “‘People are hurting across the country,’ said Ben Peterson. ‘USDA just came out with new facts today that show U.S. agriculture exports are down twenty percent this month and last month when compared to last year. When we export eighty percent of our crop, that is hugely impactful to the state of Montana. The Trade Aid Package refunds that the federal government is trying to give for the harm the trade war is having on ag is a drop in the bucket. It’s not enough, and we need to let our representatives know that, so they can do something that will make life better for Montana ag.’” (Lane Nordlund, “Montana Ag Network: Montana Farmers Union hits D.C.,”, 9/17/18)

TARIFFS TARGET MULTIPLE SECTORS IN MONTANA. “‘For Montana, other commodities are also being hurt. Our producers are already suffering from the 25 percent import tariff on American pork and are bracing for the impacts on beef. Mexico has also targeted these two sectors in response to the steel tariffs,’ Jones said.” (Traci Eatherton, “More tariffs,” Tri-State Livestock News, 9/27/18)

AS USDA AID PROGRAM LAUNCHES, ‘BETTER SOLUTION WOULD BE TO NOT HAVE TARIFFS IN THE FIRST PLACE.’ “Earlier this summer, the USDA authorized $12 billion in assistance programs for tariff-affected farmers. … ‘The better solution would be not to have the tariffs in the first place,’ says Dr. Vincent Smith, a professor of agricultural economics in the MSU School of Agriculture.” (Jackie Coffin, “Payments Begin for Farmers Hurt By US-China Trade War,” ABC FOX Montana, 8/29/18)

  • FARMERS: ‘COULD WE PLEASE HAVE AN UNRESTRAINED MARKET BACK?’ “‘Many agricultural interest groups and many farmers have said ‘could we please have an unconstrained market back” in the global context,’ Smith said. Smith explains there is concern that once the US loses the Chinese soybean market, it may not come back, as Brazilian soybean farmers could move in and sign a short-term agreement with China.” (Jackie Coffin, “Payments Begin for Farmers Hurt By US-China Trade War,” ABC FOX Montana, 8/29/18)
  • ‘WE DON’T WANT TO BE RELIANT ON SUBSIDIES FROM THE GOVERNMENT.’ “[Montana Farmer Brett] Nedens says the aid package is helpful, but not the long-term solution farmers are looking for. ‘Farmers want [to be] paid for the value of their products in the markets,’ Nedens said. ‘Nobody wants subsidies because for one subsidies aren’t a certain thing. We don’t want to be reliant on subsidies from the government.’” (Jackie Coffin, “Payments Begin for Farmers Hurt By US-China Trade War,” ABC FOX Montana, 8/29/18)

TARIFFS CAUSED ‘IMMEDIATE HARDSHIPS’ FOR MONTANA FARMERS. “Montana grain growers said Tuesday they’re seeing some immediate hardships from tariffs enacted by Republican President Donald Trump. … ‘Losing markets would leave the state in a lurch,’ said Lola Raska, the executive vice president of the Montana Grain Growers Association. ‘If something happens where we can’t export, everybody else is going to grow wheat in a heartbeat, and even soybeans. … We could have a big surplus of wheat in a hurry,’ Raska said.” (Holly K. Michels, “Montana Grain Growers Tell Rosendale They’re Still Weathering Trump’s Tariff Storm,” The Missoulian, 8/21/18)

TARIFFS WIPE OUT PROFITS FOR WHEAT FARMERS. “Lyle Benjamin, the vice president of the Montana Grain Growers Association and a wheat farmer in Sunburst, said the tariffs have wiped out the small profit margins for many farmers in the state this year. ‘It’s taking out the meat and digging into the bone,’ he said. ‘We are very concerned about the effects of the tariffs. We had a D4 drought (the most extreme drought classification) in eastern Montana last year, and this is as bad or worse than that. It affects the entire grain complex in the U.S.’” (David Erickson, “Trump’s Tariffs Stifling Montana Metal Manufacturers, Farmers; Boosting Lumber Mills,” Helena Independent Record, 7/29/18)