New Data on Tariff Impacts on Florida Released as President Trump Visits Sunshine State to Tout Economy

As he visits Florida today, President Trump should listen to Floridians bearing the costs of the trade war

This week Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, the nationwide grassroots campaign against tariffs, unveiled new data that showed how tariffs are directly impacting Florida’s economy. The statistics, which were compiled by The Trade Partnership, revealed that tariffs cost Florida businesses $122 million in the month of August alone. This represents a 49-percent increase in tariff-related costs compared to this point last year. These costs are borne directly by the hardworking Florida taxpayers that the administration promised to protect.

“When Florida businesses are hurt by higher tariffs, those costs are felt by every worker and family across they state,” said Tariffs Hurt the Heartland Spokesperson Brian Kuehl. “Tariffs cost jobs, raise prices for everyday goods, make it harder for small businesses to make and sell their products, and destroy export markets that farmers rely on to sell their commodities. Tariffs are hurting Florida’s economy, and that pain will only get worse as the trade war continues.”

Total Tariffs Paid by Florida Businesses Per Month

Total Tariffs Paid by Florida Businesses on Products Subject to Administration Tariffs through August


TARIFFS ARE HURTING FLORIDA’S #1 INDUSTRY – TOURISM. “Alana Holmstrom treks from Canada to Florida each year, staying for weeks at a time with her parents in Naples. But this year, her family — including her husband and 8-year-old daughter — are seriously considering traveling elsewhere. Many Canadians who live or visit Florida fear a trade war due to the increasingly strained relations with the U.S., with some deciding to boycott U.S. goods and vacations. ‘I love Naples and it feels like a second home, but it’s hard to visit when tensions are high,’ said Holmstrom, who originally was from Kenora, Ontario. ‘It’s more the principle of not going down. We are Canadians … we don’t fight with anyone.’” (Callie Schmidt, “Chill In The Air: Canadians In Florida Cancel Visits As Tensions With U.S. Snowball,” Naples Daily News, 6/20/18)

TARIFFS SQUEEZE FLORIDA CITRUS. “Recently, President Donald Trump’s tariffs and trade war have provoked the EU, Canada and China to impose an import tax on U.S. orange juice. While American exports of OJ have fallen 60 percent in the last five years, tariffs from some of its largest trading partners could kill America’s export industry, increase reliance on Brazil and raise OJ prices for Americans.” (Peter Chung, “How Brazil Stole The Production of Orange Juice From Florida,” CNBC, 8/23/18)

FLORIDA MANUFACTURERS FORCED TO CONSIDER LEAVING STATE TO AVOID TARIFFS. “There are countries other than China and the United States where companies can build electronics and loudspeakers. The tariffs on China will help those countries, rather than boosting business and manufacturing in the United States, [JL Audio Vice President Manville] Smith says. ‘If we can buy the same parts, from China or elsewhere, and build the products in another country, we avoid these high tariffs,’ Smith says. ‘We would much rather keep our production here in Florida, but we may not be able to if our own government keeps creating obstacles.’” (Reagan Haynes, “Trade War Troubles,” Trade Only Today, 10/26/18)

Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is backed by over 100 of the nation’s largest trade organizations that represent thousands of workers and businesses across the country. The campaign recently released an interactive, searchable map ( that allows users to find stories across the country of how tariffs are impacting local communities. Learn more about the campaign here, or read about us in the New York TimesBloombergUSA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Join the conversation on Twitter using #TariffsHurt.