Ohio Businesses Express Concern Over Tariffs at Columbus Town Hall

Ohioans Participate in Columbus Roundtable to Highlight the Impact of Tariffs on Their Businesses and Livelihoods

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Yesterday a group of Ohio businesses, farmers and trade experts met at the Columbus Convention Center to discuss how tariffs are affecting local businesses. The event is part of the nonpartisan Tariffs Hurt the Heartland campaign, which is dedicated to highlighting the effects of the trade war on Americans across the country.

Panelists focused on the broad range of Ohio industries and businesses that will be impacted by the new tariffs.

  • Moderator Gordon Gough, President and CEO, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
  • Ian Sheldon, Ohio State Economist, Andersons Chair in Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy
  • Wally Kandel, Senior Vice President, Specialty Polymers & Marietta Site Manager, Solvay
  • Bret Davis, Soybean farmer, Delaware, Ohio
  • Maggie Sheely, Manager of Congressional & Public Affairs, US Chamber, Great Lakes Region

“Tariffs are taxes paid by American businesses, farmers and families in Ohio,” Ohio Council of Retail Merchants President and CEO Gordon Gough said. Retailers in Ohio have limited resources, so they won’t be able to simply absorb the cost of these new taxes. Instead, these costs will show up in the form of fewer jobs and higher prices for Ohioans. As businesses brace for the impact of this escalating trade war, they’re rightfully frustrated because American consumers and job creators shouldn’t be forced to pay for the unfair practices of our trading partners. There has to be a better way to achieve a better deal for our country, and we hope the administration will start to heed that message.”

Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is backed by over 100 of the nation’s largest trade organizations that represent thousands of workers and businesses across the country. The campaign’s next stop will be in Indianapolis to hear from Indianans about the regional impacts they are suffering because of tariffs.

The campaign recently released an interactive searchable map (TariffsHurt.com) that allows users to find stories across the country of how tariffs are impacting local communities. Learn more about the campaign here, or read about us in the New York Times, Bloomberg, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Join the conversation on Twitter using #TariffsHurt.


CONTACT: Matt McAlvanah (Matt@TariffsHurt.com) or Melanie Lehnhardt (Melanie@TariffsHurt.com)