ICYMI: Tariff Pain Spreads Across Country as Trade War Escalates

With the latest wave of tariffs, the trade war is now spreading to every corner of the American economy. From agriculture to manufacturing to retail, American businesses have been hit hard by these taxes. Now the tax increase has spread to consumers with new duties on everyday items Americans rely on to provide for their families.

Read more about Tariffs Hurt the Heartland’s efforts to highlight tariff pain across the country and the American businesses, workers, and families affected by these new taxes.

Tariffs Hurt the Heartland Town Hall with Farmers, Manufacturers and Retailers in Columbus, Ohio

QUOTE FROM GORDON GOUGH, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF THE OHIO COUNCIL OF RETAIL MERCHANTS: “Tariffs are taxes paid by American businesses, farmers and families in Ohio. Retailers in Ohio have limited resources, so they won’t be able to simply absorb the cost of these new taxes. Instead, these costs will show up in the form of fewer jobs and higher prices for Ohioans. As businesses brace for the impact of this escalating trade war, they’re rightfully frustrated because American consumers and job creators shouldn’t be forced to pay for the unfair practices of our trading partners. There has to be a better way to achieve a better deal for our country, and we hope the administration will start to heed that message.”

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KNEB: Business Groups Criticize Strategy to Keep Upping the Tariff Ante Between US, China

Meanwhile, a coalition announced last week that “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland,” a campaign that grew out of “Farmers for Free Trade” and the National Retail Federation, is holding its first town-hall event Tuesday in Chicago. Other events are planned later this month in Nashville, Pennsylvania and Ohio to oppose the Trump administration’s tariff policies. More than 80 groups from an array of industries are tied to the initiative. “Tariffs are taxes, plain and simple,” said Jonathan Gold, a spokesman for Tariffs Hurt the Heartland and a vice president at the National Retail Federation. “By choosing to unilaterally raise taxes on Americans, the cost of running a farm, factory or business will grow. READ MORE

WASHINGTON POST: ‘This Could Be Catastrophic.’ Small Businesses Say New Tariffs Will Make It Even Harder to Compete

Small businesses around the country say they are bracing for the latest round of tariffs, which could cut into already-thin profits and leave them with little recourse but to pass on additional costs to consumers beginning this holiday season. … “A 25 percent bump at the wholesale level could end up being a 40 or 50 percent increase by the time something gets to the sales floor,” said Adam Rossi, owner of Adam Solar Rides, which sells electric bicycles, skateboards and hoverboards in Pittsburgh. “The American consumer just isn’t willing to pay that much more.” READ MORE

TIME: All the Major Retailers that Say They’ll Have to Raise Prices Because of New Tariffs on China

New tariffs on Chinese imports will raise the prices of items you buy every day, according to warnings from major retailers like Walmart and Target. … The consensus among many American retailers and small business owners is that the tariffs themselves will hurt business — and that the pain will be passed along to American shoppers in the form of higher prices on a vast array of goods. The new tariffs affect imports ranging from canned vegetables to wood furniture, and seem to affect at least some of the products from major consumer brands like Crocs, Nike, Apple, and Procter & Gamble. READ MORE

BUSINESS INSIDER: JCPenny Warns That Trump’s Tariffs Will Worsen the Retail Apocalypse

JCPenney’s counsel David M. Spooner came out against the opening salvo of the trade war in a letter to US trade representative Robert E. Lighthizer. According to Spooner, the tariffs will burden middle-class shoppers and may even amp up the retail apocalypse. “No retailer will be able to simply absorb the cost of a 10% percent tariff, much less a 25% tariff in today’s ultracompetitive retail environment,” Spooner wrote in the September 6 letter. “That means consumers will pay higher prices.” READ MORE

WASHINGTON POST: Over and out: CB radio-maker struggles to adjust to Trump tariffs

Cedar Electronics has been selling CB radios to American truckers since the 1960s, helping connect the workers who keep the U.S. economy rolling. But these days Cedar’s business isn’t exactly trucking along. The Chicago-based company is racing around Asia looking for other countries to host its manufacturing, after the radios Cedar makes in China and brings to the United States were hit with one of the Trump administration’s 25 percent tariffs this summer, making them more expensive to import. … More than 80 industry and agricultural groups this month backed a multimillion-dollar campaign, “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland,” to oppose the White House effort. The groups are holding town hall events and running advertising arguing that the tariffs are causing job loss and higher prices for consumers. READ MORE


Tariffs Hurt the Heartland is the largest bipartisan campaign solely focused on amplifying the diverse and powerful voices of the families, farmers, factory workers, manufacturers, retailers, energy and technology companies, importers, exporters and other supply-chain stakeholders hurt by tariffs. Visit TariffsHurt.com to learn more.